MMB is a craft beer microbrewery that takes its name from the nearby Mourne Mountains. Every beer range is produced using fresh water from the Spelga Dam located in the heart of the mountains. In just a few short years, MMB has become a significant part in the local beer sector and continues to sit alongside established global brands.

Project Overview

    • Client: MMB
    • Sector: Food & Drink
    • Category: Brand Dev

The Challenge

Something's Brewing

Mourne Mountains Brewery asked us to launch their new micro-brewery brand into an already crowded and competitive craft beer market. With their company name already established, they needed strategic advice on brand development, name generation, and packaging for their three core introductory beers along with promotional and point-of-sale items.

Image of MMB Vehicle Livery design

Blending Together

As with all new projects, we first sat down with the Mourne Mountains Brewery team to understand their needs, points of pain and business goals. We carried out primary sector research and competitor analysis to identify any gaps or opportunities for brand positioning within the market. This was reviewed with MMB to find and establish our ‘True North’ for the project. We wanted to reflect the ‘Mysterious Misty Mournes’ in the brand and appeal to the large Irish American beverage market for future export but without being too stereotypically Irish.

Image of MMB logo design
Bottles of Award winning MMB Red Trail
Character Development design for MMB

Creating a Clan

We took a deep dive into the history of the Mourne Mountains, fortuitously uncovering an old Irish myth about the great warrior Slanghá and the Partholons. Legend has it that Slanghá and his clan arrived from Greece to settle on Irish shores and were the first introduce beer, farming, and marriage to Ireland. Upon his untimely death during a battle with the Fomorians. It is said that his body was led to rest deep within the Mourne Mountains. Equipped with this knowledge and direction, we began to build the new brand upon this back story, designing, developing and rapidly refining visuals using Byers+Co. agile methodologies until we reached an agreed concept that was aligned with the previously identified brand pillars. This phase mainly consisted of brand identity, logo and character design.

6 Pack of MMB Beer
MMB Pull Up Stand Graphics

Pulling a Crowd

With the newly established brand in place, we moved to name generation and label design for the three-core range - Mourne Gold (Pale Ale), Mourne Mist (Pilsner) and Red Trail (Red IPA). East Coast (IPA) and Big Rock (Wheat Beer) followed 6 months later with limited special editions released throughout the year. Eye-tracking software and customer surveys were used to validate our creative direction and optimise shelf visibility. The project was completed and brought to market with the development of a hashtag campaign #JoinOurClan and #JustGoodBeer, vehicle livery, website and an extensive range of promotional literature and point-of-sale items.

Selection of seasonal craft beers from MMB
Image of beer taps for Mourne Mountains Brewery

Hoppy Results

Mourne Mountains Brewery brand has grown from strength-to-strength over the last six years winning over six local awards & accolades including Best Taste Awards. It also boasts Marks & Spencer as one of its prime stockists of over 60 nationwide. It continues to grow with launching seasonal specials every couple of months.


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