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We can work together to develop a complete brand identity for your product or service
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Brand Refresh
    • Brand Positioning
    • Name Generation
    • Logo Development
    • Strapline Development
    • Typography Selection
    • Colour Palette Selection

What is branding?

Branding is a way to distinguish one business from another, by creating instantly recognisable components that people associate with that business. These components can include business names, logos, colour schemes, slogans, fonts, or even specific images. 

Branding doesn't just have to apply to what people visualise when they think about a business. It can also relate to how they feel when they think about that business. Affecting how people feel about a business requires the use of a range of different tools to position the brand correctly in the minds of your target market.

A brand is the perception of your business, and branding is the method of shaping that perception.

We can offer branding services that include logo development, typography selection, strapline development, brand positioning, and name generation.

Products are made in the factory but brands are created in the mind...

– Walter Landor
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We have provided beautiful, strategy-led graphic design solutions for many clients, View our case studies to learn more about our process, or get started now by requesting a free Branding & Logo Design quote!

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