Our Process

Our process is simple but highly effective. Before we open our computers or put pen to paper, we make sure that we understand your business, what makes you tick. Your points of pain, long term business objectives and current trends within your industry before we develop a clear strategic brief.

Our 4D Creative Framework

1. Discover

Observe and engage to indentify your needs and opportunities

2. Define

Understand and verify requirements to create the design brief

3. Design

Generate concepts from user evaluation and informed decisions

4. Deliver

Produce the final outcome & monitor progress of solutions delivered

There's no shortage of freelance designers that can create cheap logos or good looking websites, but if they dive straight into the design process without asking fundamental questions, then they might not be the right choice for you. From our depth of knowledge gained over the last 15 years, we found that by asking a few simple questions, we can quickly gain valuable insights that will improve the outcome of your project.

If you require work completed on an extensive global branding project with many different moving parts, then perhaps a full-service agency would be a better fit. They have more resources and creative minds to call upon, but with this comes more significant budget requirements to cover overheads and staff. From personal experience, turn-around times are usually longer with these type of agencies and can focus on the broader picture than the actual job in hand.

We like to think of ourselves as in-between an independent freelancer and sizeable creative agency. By keeping intentionally small, lean and agile, this allows us to keep our costs competitive while still being flexible. We also value working quickly, efficiently meaning we can launch brands, deploy websites and bring products to market up to 40% quicker than the average agency. Where other design options can overlook vital details or go to the nth degree when delivering, we only focus on what's important to you and your clients.

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